St. Olaf-Carleton College Rivalry

When the term "rivalry" is used today to describe the relationship between the two colleges, typically it is a reference to an athletic competition. But that was not always the case.

Fundamentally both schools were founded for different reasons and under different circumstances. Carleton, founded in 1866, was supported by East Coast Congregationalists. St. Olaf, founded in 1874, was supported by local Norwegian Lutherans.

Over the 140 years since, both colleges have found ways to express their school pride at the expense of the other. St. Olaf's fight song, "Um! Yah! Yah!" even contains reference to its foe across the Cannon River:

We come from St. Olaf, we sure are the real stuff/Our team is the cream of the colleges great/We fight fast and furious, our team is injurious/Tonight Carleton College will sure meet its fate/Um! Yah! Yah!, Um! Yah! Yah!

For Carleton, the rivalry/jabbing started early. In 1879, the school newspaper, The Carletonian, suggested that St. Olaf students use soap. Since that time the relationship has been slippery, if not memorable.

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